Better Choice Bigger Future.

Program Overview

Do you work with some smart students who just aren’t interested in college? Tell them to choose a bigger future with a career in the trades — a bigger salary, bigger opportunities and bigger ways to help their community. The best part? No college debt. That’s BIG!

Every student deserves a BIG future.

A career in the trades offers nearly endless possibilities in all types of industries. Apprentices can work their way up to foreman, superintendent or project manager — or even own their own business.



  • Sheet Metal Apprentice: $16.35/hr - $26.44/hr+
  • Sheet Metal Journeyman: $32.69/hr - $36.06/hr+
  • Sheet Metal General Foreman: $36.06/hr - $39.42/hr+
“I make more money than a lot of my friends who went to college!”


Most apprentices interested in going on to obtain their Associate’s Degree can do so with just a few extra classes.