Better Choice Bigger Future.


Learn from a few of the hardworking and successful professionals who chose a bigger future with a career in the sheet metal industry — a bigger salary, bigger opportunities, and bigger ways to help their community.

  • Man giving testimonial

    “I got an education that offers me a high-paid, challenging career in construction. And I don’t have a penny of debt to show for it. I made a better choice — for a bigger future!”


  • Woman Testimonial High Tech Career

    “We’re working in a high-tech environment using software like AutoCAD, augmented reality, and virtual reality. We also receive hands-on training from skilled journeymen.”


  • Career with Benefits

    “I completed my apprenticeship in just five years — and got paid the whole time. I make more money than most college graduates and receive excellent benefits.”


  • Community Testimonial

    “My union brothers and sisters collectively bargain for wages, health benefits and pension benefits. We care about our community and really make a difference.”


  • In Demand Careers

    “The skills I’ve gained are important to our infrastructure. They’re needed in every community and the demand just keeps growing. I know I can go anywhere and have a good job.”


  • Important Skills

    “My voice counts and I can make a difference.


    The skills I’ve learned are important.”