Better Choice Bigger Future.

Program Overview

Do you love building and fixing things? Are you reliable? Hardworking? Good at math? Then forget student loans and choose a bigger future with a career in the sheet metal industry — a bigger salary, bigger opportunities, and bigger ways to help your community. The best part? No college debt. That’s BIG!

Better Than College? You Decide.

A career in the sheet metal industry not only offers endless possibilities in all types of industries, but you’ll earn the respect for a job well-done and have a secure future with long-term financial rewards.

“I completed my apprenticeship in just five years — and got paid the whole time. Now that I’m a journeyman, I make more money than most college graduates and receive excellent benefits.”

Complete your union apprenticeship to become a sheet metal worker in just five years — and get paid while you learn.

Once you earn journeyman status, you’ll have the opportunity to make more money than many college grads, receive excellent benefits, and be able to find a rewarding job anywhere.

Average College Student

  • Student loan debt: $37K+
  • Paid to learn: $0
  • Starting salary: $50K

Average Union Apprentice

  • Student loan debt: $0
  • Paid to learn
  • Starting salary: $33K - $67K+

Total compensation for wages.

“I make more money than a lot of my friends who went to college!”


Sheet Metal Workers Receive 

  • Competitive wages
  • Excellent benefits
  • The opportunity to earn while you learn


Most apprentices interested in going on to obtain their Associate Degree can do so with just a few extra classes.


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