Better Choice Bigger Future.

Program Overview

Have a smart kid who just isn’t excited about college? Tell them to choose a bigger future with a career in the trades — a bigger salary, bigger opportunities and bigger ways to help their community. The best part? No college debt. That’s BIG!

Every student deserves a BIG future.

A career in the trades offers nearly endless possibilities in all types of industries. Apprentices can work their way to foreman, superintendent or project manager — or even own their own business.

Sheet Metal Workers' Local 18

What they do…

Sheet metal workers install heating, cooling and ventilation systems. They craft and install residential gutters, as well as create and install brass and copper ornamentation on buildings. They do architectural sheet metal work for newly constructed or remodeled homes. They fabricate and install gleaming stainless steel countertops in restaurants. And they design, fabricate and troubleshoot energy-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that will help green our environment.


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Steamfitters Local 601

What they do…

Steamfitters install and maintain the piping systems that supply life's resources. They build the powerhouses that supply electricity. They install piping in the food and beverage industry. They weld and bend pipe into systems that transport resources in oil refineries, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing facilities and power plants. They keep your indoor air clean and safe, temperatures regulated and HVAC systems working at peak efficiency.


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  • Sheet Metal or Steamfitter Apprentice: $42,536 - $75,129.60
  • Sheet Metal or Steamfitter Journeyman: $90,521.60 - $94,681.60
  • Sheet Metal or Steamfitter General Foreman: $99,569.60 - $104,145.60
“I make more money than a lot of my friends who went to college!”


Most apprentices interested in going on to obtain their Associate’s Degree can do so with just a few extra classes.